1:1 Photo Lessons, Tutorials - while you are in the Caribbean

For beginners & intermediate photographers. While enjoying unforgettable holidays on beautiful Nature Island – Dominica, expand your photo skills with exclusive workshop crafted to your exact needs. From a simple meeting to explore your camera’s advanced settings, to learning tricks of working with studio lighting, and more. I can even arrange a studio setup and hire a model for you – so you will have fun, and learn secrets of creative photography in best possible way.

Just tell me what you wish to explore, and immerse yourself in the world of creative photography.

This may be just what you need

A service so unique you may not even have it back home!

The Caribbean islands offer great experience for photographers. Landscape, Nature, Candid travel style photos, drone, and so on.

My offer makes it even more exciting. Now you can enjoy all above, great hiking, enjoy beaches – whatever you like – AND also learn what you perhaps wanted to try, but had no such a chance.

Taking full advantage of your digital camera abilities, composing, understanding light and depth of field, and other aspects of creative photography. Studio setup advice, even working with a live model – be it outdoors or in studio-like setup. You will gain knowledge and confidence. You will enjoy it, and will go back home with some great works!

Lessons are from 1 hour to several hours – depending on your needs. If you want to improve your photography skills – this may be for you. (Also a fine gift idea!)

1:1 private tutorials crafted specially for you. Now, that is something really unique to enrich your Dominica holidays. From a single meeting to several shooting sessions – you can book it below.

Priced from just $90 for 1 hr, can be a single session or a crash course several days long.  Transportation may be extra, depending on agreed location.

I also offer Landscape Workshops for single photographers and small groups up to 3 shooters. We can go see some stunning locations with an amazing adventure guide. While learning, you will shoot some great images! See my Landscape Workshops page.

Please note – while a simple meeting can be booked at last minute, appointments requiring pro-equipment, shooting space, and hired models, need to be booked in advance (2 weeks minimum)  and pre-paid.


 Important Notes
If you just want to learn your camera, settings, and basics of photography above pont and shot with automatic settings – we can meet at your hotel or any other place, and you can book on short notice.

If you want to book a photo session tutorial to learn off-camera lighting, studio style setup, and optionally shooting with a live model – I need to organize what you are looking for. Booking in advance is required (2 weeks minimum). Your knowledge of basic camera settings will be expected.

We require your understanding that working with an art model is a creative artistic process based on mutual respect, for the sole benefit of creating an inspiring work of art. You also accept that we may remove from the studio any improperly acting persons without any refund. You are solely responsible for your well being, and by booking you confirm that you will not hold us under any circumstances responsible for any accidents, damages, or other problems occurring during our work.
We don’t expect anything like that to happen, but we need to keep our models safe, and our lawyer happy. Thank you for understanding.

When booking your session, you will be offered to pay for it with PayPal. PayPal terminal accepts credit cards and does not require account setup.
PLEASE NOTE:  You can select On-Site payment to pay cash when you arrive in Dominica. However, to book and confirm your appointment, we require at least 50% deposit  7 days before requested date of workshop. Otherwise we may get another paid booking on your selected days and be unable to accommodate your request.

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