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On-Line Photo Tutorials & Help  Tailored to Your Exact Needs


camer     On-line photography help, tutorials and tips – quick 1:1 help. For novice, beginners, and intermediate photographers.

This is a VERY FLEXIBLE service designed to help you on the go, or to offer you a systematic learning experience, depending what you need. We all – novice photographers and experienced shooters – sometimes need to get a grip, be pushed in the right direction. These personal photography/equipment tutorials and help are designed just for that – quick on-line assistance by an experienced pro photographer. With on-line chat we can solve your problem right away.

Sometimes we may need a quick advice on a problem we are stuck on, and otherways we are OK and prefer to explore things without outside help.
Or, sometimes it may be better to have a series of tutorials, and learn well a more tricky aspect of photography, stubborn equipment, or creative editing. I am here to help – as much or as little you may need.      My advice?  Try a quick session, and you will know if and how much more time you need…

I spent countless hours learning photography and video, and I know first hand how it sometimes is, hitting your head against a brick wall!  So, if you need just a quick consultation, use my Quick Advice option. See most popular topics below. Or – message me your exact problem before booking, and I will get back to let you know if I am able to assist. I want to see you happy with your progress, and I am ready when you need me. And, remember – there are no silly questions. We all need a touch of help sometimes. I know – I needed it many times!

We can connect on-line using Skype or FB Messenger, or we can use WhatsApp. It may help if you let me know ahead what you need to figure out, so we talk when I am prepared and give you better value for your time.  Thanks for entrusting me, I will be happy to share my skills!

Most often requested topics:

Camera Settings

From understanding advanced camera options, to shooting in Manual mode, RAW mode, and so on. These are typically just quick advice 30 min. sessions.


What do I need in New Camera?

With so many choices and options, and huge price differences, you may clarify what you really need, and what you can skip, not to pay for stuff you will not want. Usually 30 min. is OK


Other Topics

Tell me what’s holding you on your creative journey. I will do my best to assist. Or, we can discuss a series of tutorials to really make you learn better creative photography. Time? As much or little as you need.


Shooting Techniques

From Aperture and Shutter modes, HDR, Long Exposure, Focus Stacking, to basics of using off-camera flash, Time Lapse, and so on. Usually 30 min or 1 hr sessions are enough, but can be couple of sessions to learn it better. Lets try and see.


Photographing People

Go behind selfie snapping – creative portraits are fun, and  make people happy to recive them. Basics of creative lighting – indoor and outdoor, depth of field and other settings, and quick advice on asdvicing your models.
1 hr is minimum, I think. Try and go for more as you need.


Basics of Photo Editing

While teaching advanced edit over Skype can be tricky, we can may discuss basic aspects and steps, to get you going. What software? Or, what is most important when editing portraits? Landscape?
From 30 min. to several hours, so book something, and go for more as you need.


Print Solutions

Large prints can be tricky. And – what printer do you need? What paper will work best for you? This is a wide subject, but for starters you may just need to get a grip of basics. Start with 30 minutes, and see how it goes.

What Does It Cost?

I made it simple. You can book 30 minute blocks at a discounted rate. Book it even on short notice & I will do my best to assist. Book online, pre-pay with Paypal, and talk on Skype (video call) or WhatsApp. You will receive confirmation as soon as I see your booking.

30 min = $30 USD. And if you need a few hours, I will surely throw some of my time for free.  I hope you find it not so bad as for sharing 40 years of pro experience?  Chat soon!

When booking, please let me know the topic so i can prepare and give you my best. Also say your preferred contact method, so we can set it up before appoitment.  Thanks!

I want to give you my absolute best. When booking, please write topic of your appointment so I can prepare. Also say preferred method of contact (Skype, WhatsApp, FB Messenger, or other?) so we can setup it before appointment time. Skype gives us video option with sending screen shots).

Some of  my Clients, Publications, Awards

Some of Happy Clients

– Hyundai/Fomex (S.Korea)
– IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature)
– ARGO Development Studio (Barbados)
– Azed Marketing (St Marteen)
– GEMS Holdings Inc.
– YellowPages
– Sotheby’s International Realty (UK) – luxury real estate agency
– Real Life magazine (Cayman Islands)
– Secret Bay boutique resort (Dominica)
– Lane Pettigrew Architects (LPA Inc, Florida USA)
–  Daily Telegraph (UK national newspaper)
–  Phaidon Press
– Sotheby’s International Realty, BC, Canada
– ZING magazine (in-flight Liat airlines)
– MACO Caribbean Living
and many more…

My Photos Published in...

– Vogue
– National Geographic
– ISLANDS Magazine – Caribbean Travel + Life
– Travel and Leasure
– Daily Telegraph (UK)
– Virgin Atlantic in-flight magazine
– Washington Post
– Sunday Express (UK)
– Monthly Photography – South Korea
– Toronto Star
– Ottawa Citizen
– Calgary Herald
– The Financial Times
– ZING magazine (in-flight Liat airlines)
– Good Life Connoisseur magazine
– Experience Dominica magazine
– Caribbean Beat (Caribbean Airlines’ magazine)
– Country Life (UK magazine)
– WestJet Magazine
and many more…

Some of My Exhibitions, Medals & Awards

– MENSCH und NATUR 2014, Austria – Gold Medal
– 8th International United Emirates Photography Competition 2013        Medal
– Trierenberg Super Circuit 2014, Austria – Silver medal.
– 7th International Photographic Salon Varna – 2x Silver Medals
– Benjamin Franklin Excellence Award – Gold Medal. New York 2010
– Budapest International Photo Salon 2011
– Oxford International Photo Salon 2012 (UK)
– The London Salon of Photography 2013 Medal, in UK.
– Malmo International Exhibition of Photographic Art 2013
– 74th International Photographic Salon Of Japan – The Asahi      Shimbun 2013
– Istambul Photo Meetup 2015 – PSA Bronze medal
– Master Of Light Biennial 2018, Austria – 2x Gold Medal
– Financial Center, Shanghai, China, January 2018
– AFAN 2017 Int’l Exhibition of Photography, Saudi Arabia – Gold Medal
– Rainbow International Photo Circuit 2017, Kolkata, India – 2x Gold Medal, 1x Bronze Medal
and many more…

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