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For beginners, intermediate, and advanced photographers. While enjoying unforgettable holidays on beautiful Nature Island – Dominica, get possibly best photos  and learn with our workshop tours crafted to your exact needs. If you are experienced photographer, you can even skip my assistance, taking advantage of other package elements – like the guide.

This offer maximizes your good shooting, and is unique due to THREE elements, combined as you need.

Acclaimed Photographer and a Legendary Adventure Guide Join Forces

While Derek focuses on best photo advice for you, Nahjie – exceptional adventure guide – can help you getting there, find best shooting spots – often behind reach of individual travellers. Knowing every rock here in Dominica, he will make sure you won’t miss a good vista. His guide partners can help you carry your gear if you have a lot – so you walk easily, saving energy for best shooting and enjoying your tour.

Get there easier, See more than others, Bring back best photos

This is the philosophy behind our customized photo workshop tours, making them a better experience. If you are with family or friends, bring them on your tour too!


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This may be just what you need

What makes this landscape photo workshop unique?

Book this for yourself or for you and friends, and save. We shoot outdoor on best Dominica locations. Take amazing photos. You can learn advanced photography techniques, time-lapse, long exposure, HDR, composing, focus-stacking, panoramas, working with intense tropical light, manual mode,  drone photography/video, off-camera flash, & more.

You select locations of your choice – from easy to challenging ones. Book a single hike, or a series for several days. AND – as I now live in Dominica, we have no set dates.  You can book your photo workshop tours all year round (weather permitting, of course).

You pick and combine any of THREE elements:
1) My professional assistance in teaching you what you request.
I go with you on a hike and explain things as you need, making sure you get best possible shots. After return, I can review your photos with you and give advice on editing.

2) A legendary adventure guide from experienced in working with top photographers and nature film crews goes with you to make your hike easier, more interesting, and to make sure you won’t miss a single spot great for photography. He can guide you on easy tours and help a lot on challenging expeditions – the choice is yours.

3) Other experienced guides are available to carry your gear, in case you want to take more stuff. They will carry your equipment, so you can focus on taking best photos. You will be less tired, go farther, and have a sharper eye. Get your cameras, lenses, flash, drone, tripod – and still walk hands-free.

Pick any or all of these options, and select from recommended hikes to create a package best for you. If you are an experienced shooter, you don’t even need me – just go with your guide, do your best work and have a memorable fun time.

Important Notes
Some hikes can be challenging. While I indicate difficulty and approximate length, it all depends on your strength and physical form. You may be OK going just with me, or you may require an experienced guide to assist. If you want to take lots of gear you may be OK on easy hikes, but may need to get extra help on longer/tougher ones. It is YOUR choice, and we can’t be responsible for it. In any case a specialized photo guide can add to your experience, as he can bring you to more difficult spots good for shooting, assist with setups, etc.

By booking, you accept that you go at your own risk and won’t hold us responsible for accidents or damage to your gear. Weather may change last minute and sometimes we need to reschedule our shoot. We decide together all details, such as start time, exact hike options, etc. before we go. This is just a general guide to suggested packages. These packages can be adjusted, shortening one location and adding another nearby – if possible – and if you wish. We are flexible, and this is to give YOU the best experience and best photos. I add lots of extra time for photography work on each hike.  Transportation from Roseau area to hike area is included. In most cases we should start as early as possible, to get best light.

I am going with you in capacity of a pro photographer & tutor. I will do my best to help you shoot great images, explain techniques, review your photos, and so on. But I am not there to carry your equipment or assist in difficult hiking spots, as I am not as young as I wish and I will have my own backpack. If you are fit – you will be OK in places I can go, but I recommend considering a guide assistance if you are not in a great form. Some of extreme hikes require a guide and another person to carry stuff, as per workshop description. Lets discuss and advice before booking.
Now – lets see where we can go together! Click below!

When booking a tour, you will be offered to pay for it with PayPal. PayPal terminal accepts credit cards and does not require account setup.
PLEASE NOTE:  You can select On-Site payment to pay cash when you arrive in Dominica. However, to book and confirm your appointment, we require at least 50% deposit  7 days before requested date of workshop. Otherwise we may get another paid booking on your selected days.

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