Hello, nice to see you here!

I’m Derek Galon, offering Video filming & production in Dominica & Caribbean

 a I offer a wide variety of video and filming services here in Dominica, from nature & landscape drone video filming, macro, time lapse, to real estate, advertising, events, concerts, weddings and so on.  I offer drone mapping services for engineering, inspections, and so on. I also produce short movies, TV commercials, music videos, and other requested material. I work as  a freelancer, and can accommodate your special request, also offering stock footage library, mostly from the Caribbean and Dominica.

If you are producer from abroad – with today’s travel difficulties – it may be easier, faster and less expensive to hire me for work in Dominica and the Caribbean, than sending your cameraman on a long, tricky journey. I am prompt, professional, and always try to exceed expectations.

I can offer footage in up to 4K ProRes HQ ( ProRes), and any other typical format. Filming on Atomos Ninja , Nikon Z6, DJI drones, with programmable slider, Ronin-S and other gear. I can work as your cameraman, and so on.

On this page I simply want to show you a few embedded video samples. Contact me if you want to know more.  Thank you!

Dominica – Three Years After Hurricane Maria
Short documentary showing recovery of Dominica after hurricane Maria in 2017. Video received an award at Tagore International Film Festival in India 2020, and was also shown at Southampton Film week 2020.


Sample of my drone flying through some tight spaces at various speeds. These are filmed in Dominica, Eastern Caribbean in 2018. No sound, no super edit – just a quick bare sample for you. I am an advanced drone pilot in the Caribbean. Filming in 4K D-log 10 bit, HEVC 265. Available for work in Dominica and Caribbean islands.


Short creative video promoting Dominica’s beauty.



I also created a YOUTUBE channel.  I add there short videos of two different kinds:  Short  photography tutorials, technical advice, tips and comments on photo /  equipment, and the other kind – videos showing beauty of the Caribbean, focusing on the Nature Island – Dominica.
I try to show most beautiful and unique places, and I hope you will enjoy these. Check it out!

A short ad for a Caribbean soap company  below.

One of my short videos created during COVID-19 panademic, to send good vibes and share beauty of our planet with friends in self-isolation.
Dominica -Vertical Spaces – filmed in 4K with drones, static cameras, and time lapse.

Short video from my hike to the famous Boiling lake in Dominica. Filmed with drone, Nikon z6 and Atomos Ninja in 4K. Excuse crackly sound in couple of moments, my wireless microphone malfunctioned, and it was impossible to fix it there.

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