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Secrets of the Caribbean: Story of the Nature Isle – Dominica

A fascinating journey through history and beauty of Dominica, the Nature Isle of the Caribbean. Presented by Roy Sanford, a journalist and a descendant of the Kalinago peoples, and with natural beauty explained by volcanologist, Dr. Robert Watts.

Loaded with amazing nature footage by award-winning art photographer and cameraman Derek Galon, it presents Dominica “then and now” in a rich and engaging way, inviting viewers to join Dominica’s journey to the future. A first of collaboration between DerekGalon.com and C.P. Films highlighting unique beauty of Dominica and the Caribbean.

Filmed in Dominica. 2023. Play time: 22 min.

Roy Sanford (DM) writer, journalist.
Roy was born in the Kalinago Territory, Dominica. He studied at St Andrews High School in Dominica and St John’s University in New York. Worked as a writer and journalist in the US, Jamaica and Dominica.Worked as editor of Dominica News Online. Lived at various times in Jamaica, St Lucia, the Dominican Republic and the USA, before settling back in Dominica.

Writer of numerous short stories and has published a book of stories based on Dominican¬†folklore. He guides viewers through Dominica past and nature with a true insider’s knowledge,

Dr. Robert Watts (UK) geologist, volcanologist.
With decades of professional experience, work done in many various important places, including active volcanoes such as in Montserrat, Dr. Watts is a knowledgeable host sharing with us many of little known facts.

Production crew:
Derek Galon (PL / CA) a veteran art photographer and for last years also a video producer and cameraman.

Margaret Gajek (PL / CA) art historian, researcher and writer. Author of best-selling books Tropical Homes of The Eastern Caribbean, and Exotic Gardens of The Eastern Caribbean. For last years writing film scripts and collaborating with Derek Galon video productions.
Roy Sanford (DM) writer novelist, journalist.  Co-director of this film, contributor to script writing.

Produced with assistance and for: C.P. Films (DM)

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