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Landscape & nature video filming in 4K, macro, time lapse, aerial drone filming (including flights through forest and in tight spaces), and other related work for broadcast & producers. Living in the Caribbean I can supply you with footage, saving you hassle and expense of a trip.

I am also an experienced FIXER in Dominica and surrounding islands. Having experience working for world top NatureĀ  producers, I won’t disappoint, making your work easier. Much easier. See below for more.

Time Lapse Photography for Video

Recorded in 4K (ProRes) or as Hi-Res RAW files using Nikon cameras. Motion time lapse using programmable slider with pan & tilt. Stock library and requested shots. Dominica and Caribbean islands.

Drone Aerial Photography & Video

High visual impact landscape & nature photography in Hi-Res, including stitched panoramas for XL prints. Includes HDR and other techniques, drone videos in HD, 4K as HEVC.265 and .264 files. Can be originals in D-log for broadcast/film companies, or edited and rendered to ProRes and other formats. Done using DJI drones.

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Filming, fixer services & rigging in Dominica and the Caribbean.

,Photographing and filming landscape, seascape and nature of Dominica and the Caribbean is my passion. I supply my CaribbeanĀ  video clips to Nature Picture Library (UK) and offer them directly too to producers and broadcast companies.

My work includes macro, drone aerial footage, stitched panoramas, time lapse, sunsets, seascapes, long exposure, slo-mo, and more. Equipment I use most often for landscape and nature: Nikon D850 and Z6, D7100, Atomos Ninja 4K recorder, BlackMagic 6K Pro (10-bit ProRes, 12-bit ProRes B-RAW), Ronin S, programmable slider, DJI drones Mavic 3, Mavic 2 Pro (HEVC.265, .264).

I also work as a FIXER (location facilitator), organizing and managing your technicalities in Dominica and Caribbean islands, renting/ordering props and equipment, driving your crew, trouble-shooting, solving emergency situations, and so on. Being an European with extensive knowledge of the Caribbean business style, means the best of both worlds. I don’t waste time, I am prompt, efficient, and I can solve tricky situations knowing how things work around here.

I also collaborate closely with climbers, divers & riggers (includes rigging extreme locations in nature!), specialized nature guides, and I can help you with overall preparations and filming on your Caribbean location. I worked as fixer for one of world’s top Nature producers, solving some tough and unexpected problems for their crews. Your goal will be safer with me around. Believe me – in the Caribbean you can expect the unexpected!

Contact me for details. Thank you.

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