Digital photo backgrounds backdrops by Derek Galon

The Power of Backgrounds: Setting the Stage for Your Photos

Great photos tell stories, and backgrounds play a vital role. Elevate your images by using these creative backgrounds. They are specially for photographers like you – seeking more refined, artistic look for your images.

These fine backgrounds (or back-drops) are crafted one by one by internationally acclaimed veteran art photographer Derek Galon. Having intimate knowledge of creative portraits for over forty years, he created masterpieces that brought him dozens of top international awards, recognition, exhibitions, and also Honorary Fellowship distinctions from prestigious photographic organizations.

“More than once in my career, lack of access to interesting locations hampered otherwise perfect photo-session opportunities!  Therefore, I started creating various creative backgrounds for my personal use. As they worked great – I recently decided to share some of them with fellow photographers. Believe me, they are handy, and can lift-off most photos to another dimension!” – said Derek.

Freshly released sets available now:  “Water – Liquid Majesty”,  “Gates – Portals to Enchantment”, “Sunsets and Nightscapes”, and  “Forgotten Interiors – Faded Grandeur”.  To celebrate their release – prices are drastically slashed for a limited time.  Add beauty and intrigue to your photos. Get your sets now!

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Portals To Enchantment

Beautiful set of 123 various gates and entrance doors – from oriental temple, through Indian wooden gates and Middle Eastern “Bab” (gates to old town Medina), to Italian garden gates, damaged industrial factory entrances, and so on. Wide array of moods, colors, styles – and possibilities for you!  Download size 2.24GB.

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What is so different about these vs any other backgrounds?
These aren’t your average backgrounds. Created by a Master of Fine Arts with over 40 years of experience, they offer a depth of artistic knowledge unlike any other.. 

Variety: Moods, styles, and feels are all unique, giving you a wide range of options for your photos to tell intriguing stories.
Technical Expertise: From image warmth and camera position to lens width, lighting, and composition, every detail is meticulously considered.
Versatility: Use them with sunset shots, evening portraits, golden hour landscapes, cloudy day scenes – the possibilities are endless.

Elevate your photos. These masterful backgrounds will seamlessly blend with your own images, adding a touch of professionalism and enhancing your storytelling.

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From this…

to this!

And to this…

from this!

Derek, a veteran creative photographer brings decades of experience to crafting these exceptional backgrounds. Here’s what sets them apart:

Uniqueness: Move beyond plain muslin or painted wall. Meticulously created images, textured surfaces, and curated collections offer endless possibilities.

Storytelling Power: Years of experience ensure backgrounds that complement your vision, adding depth and meaning to your photos.

Technical Expertise: Lighting and composition knowledge can guarantee backgrounds that seamlessly integrate with your subject, creating a cohesive masterpiece.




Introductory price:   $60 per set
Single Sets: only $10
ALL FOUR sets: $22
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Get your backgrounds now at low intro price! Select and use blue button.

Get your backgrounds now at low intro price! Select and use blue button.
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Sunsets and Nightscapes

From romantic sunsets to dramatic skies over an active volcano, Icelandic frozen land with ice reflecting last rays of sun, through African skies loaded with stars – this 73 image set is what you may need to add a “WOW” to your image, bringing instant attention to it. Over 1.10GB of files.

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,Each image is created in high resolution as JPG of highest quality and longer edge 8054 pixels, it is standard 3:2 image ratio and sRGB color space for best integration with your photos. These images are so big that you can easily use horizontal image for your vertically oriented photograph.
Please download them on your computer, as they are too big as a package for your phone download.  However, if you plan to use them on your phone, inside of main folder you will find complimentary packages marked as “small, low-res”. These are only 3000 pixels on long edge, and with a slight compression to be easily handled by your phone or tablet. This is to make you faster enjoy them – a “two-for-one” solution. As typical with digital products, these are non-refundable. But at a price of only $5,50 per set (if you get all four) this is an easy choice.

Take advantage of this limited time offer, get your packages now and start getting raving comments on your fine photos!
Here are some examples from the “Water – Liquid Majesty” and  “Portals to Enchantment” packages.

Not sure how to deal with it?
Simple: Select your photos, remove background, and put your subject on top of this background. If you did not do it before, here is one of free background removers by Adobe. Easy as 1,2,3!
Of course, you can work some extra magic on these. Tweak, flip them, change colors, make them B&W, crop them, make them even more unique.  These are made with advanced digital techniques, AI and Photoshop – and you can make them even better!

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Faded Grandeur (Forgotten Interiors)

This beautiful set consists of 175 images showing the beauty of forgotten, neglected and decaying spaces. 3.16GB of files.
From an old artist’s studio, through damaged space of old restaurant, old style printing shop, a boat house full of dust and overgrown with weeds, to old decaying train station, to forgotten French villa full of fine furniture now covered in dust, a church destroyed by volcano eruption,  and much more. A true creative delight full of colors, moods, and styles. You can be sure to find something matching perfectly your best photos!

Scroll down to see more samples from this favorite series.
Below are some examples from the “Faded Grandeur” and  “Sunsets & Nightscapes” packages.



Water – Liquid Majesty

Water in many forms dominates this extensive series. You will find here small splashes and big ocean waves, streams, lakes, waterfalls, and much more. Of course these offer different moods – from sunny tropical day on a beach, to golden hour at a small lake, to secluded waterfall in a forest, cold Nordic ocean splashing huge waves on a cliff, and so much more.
You saw samples from that series above – so now you are ready to consider what you like the most. This set: 174 images, almost 2GB of files.

Keep in mind – if you get all four sets – you get additional discount, not just $10 per set, but only $5.50 per set!
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